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Logistics Consulting

We propose optimal logistics systems for our customers as part of their corporate strategy.

We strive to use our highly computerized network to provide strategic logistics that support corporate activities while proposing optimal comprehensive logistics systems to our customers. In logistics consulting, we use our third-party point of view to support customers in solving their problems. We handle not only logistics but also logistics-related corporate strategy. We are characterized by our down-to-earth output, rooted in our policy of implementational consulting.

Description of Services

Providing Logistics Consulting from the Customer's Point of View, Which Leads to Real Problem Solving

  • We can clarify the direction you need to go in and scenarios for reform and improvement.
  • We can build and maintain an optimal logistics system. We can reduce costs and improve quality.
  • We can achieve your goals in a shorter period of time than if you were to work on your own.
  • We can contribute to your personnel training through our project activities.

Offering a Variety of Services to Suit Your Needs and Goals

We offer a variety of services, such as analyzing various data, proposing improvements, and holding seminars, depending on our customers' challenges and objectives.

  • Logistics strategy
  • Intermediate-term logistics plans
  • Location planning (domestic and overseas)
  • Information system development
  • Logistics management system design
  • Personnel training
Actual duties
  • Cost management
  • Efficiency management
  • Promotion of logistics streamlining
  • Improvement of various duties 
    ーTransportation and delivery duties 
    ーLogistics center duties 
    ーImport/export duties

Basic Process of Consulting (When Starting with Logistics Assessment)

Logistics Assessment

This page provides an overview of Senko's logistics assessment.
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Support in Drafting Strategies for Logistics Subsidiaries

This page provides an overview of Senko's support in drafting strategies for logistics subsidiaries.
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Proper Inventory Level Simulation

This page provides an overview of Senko's proper inventory level simulation and its effects.
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Delivery Simulation

This page provides an overview of Senko's delivery simulation and its effects.
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