We have locations throughout Japan to provide the best transportation and delivery services.

Description of Services

Senko has built a deep network that ties the entire country together and provides transportation and delivery services that fit our customers' products and logistics. It also provides transportation and delivery services like cargo tracking and invoice issuance to meet customer needs.


Urban transport

We use our long history and deep know-how in logistics to provide meticulous transportation and delivery services through our efficient regional networks and shared transport.

Interurban transport (Medium- and long-distance transport)

We have developed a smooth countrywide network that allows us to provide trucking that meets any logistics need, from chartered to shared transport.
Transportation and delivery network

Flatbed and other specialized vehicle transport

In addition to standard trucks, we can meet diverse transport needs with a full range of specialized vehicles like flatbed trucks, garment-on-hanger trucks, tank trucks, bulk trucks, hazardous materials trucks, and refrigerated trucks.

Heavy load transport

We use our unique know-how to provide safe and prompt transport of heavy loads for tasks like the transport and installation of large equipment and other heavy items.

Do you run into any of these problems?

  • Charter fees are required even in cases such as when the weight of items doesn't add up to enough to load onto a 4- or 10-ton vehicle.
  • It's hard to find vehicles for long-distance transport.
  • It's hard to find trucks that can be used to transport large or unusually-shaped items.
  • I don't know how to find out more about modes of transportation and delivery that comply with environmental or regulatory concerns.

Choose from our wide-ranging services to meet your transport needs.

Senko coordinates the transport options that are best for each customer.
  • Nationwide transport network to get your package to its destination
  • Reliable delivery of packages by selling spaces that fit the cargo, such as small lots, long or heavy items, and more
  • Stable and unstoppable transport using integrated trunk transport by sea, land, and rail
  • Meeting customers' transport needs with proposal capabilities and an abundance of transport experience

Senko's Transportation and Delivery Network

We have built a transportation and delivery network that spans the entire country. We also offer an Internet-based cargo and vehicle matching service.

We can also help you issue invoices and labels from your office, warehouse, or anywhere else.

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