Cutting Costs

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Cutting Costs

Senko can provide a wide range of perspectives on how to cut your logistics costs.

Cutting Delivery Costs

Optimizing the location of work sites

We analyze data about your current delivery situation and propose locations that minimize costs.

Main services

Utilizing shared transportation

We make proposals for shared transportation from procurement to delivery.

Main services

Making scheduled bulk delivery

Senko has a wealth of experience in making scheduled bulk deliveries of a wide variety of products including daily necessities and fashion products. We provide scheduled bulk deliveries, reducing the number of deliveries and the work of receiving goods at the destination.

Managing Logistics Centers More Efficiently

Senko can propose efficiency improvements from various angles, such as reconsidering logistics center locations and delivery routes and introducing IT systems. We'd also be glad to let you place the management of your logistics centers in our hands. Through the high-quality operations of our group's experienced staff, we provide logistics services using a system suited to factors like the volume of goods.

Comprehensively Cutting Costs / Making Logistics Costs into Variable Costs

Senko leverages the comprehensive logistics management capabilities it has built up over many years to flexibly combine various land, sea, and air transport modes with logistics centers in Japan and overseas to support the overall optimization of our customers' supply chains. Entrusting all of your logistics operations to Senko can reduce costs even further.
In addition to logistics services, we also provide one-stop services such as call center agency and trading services and data processing and provision.

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