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Personnel Training

Our Philosophy of Personnel Training: Passing Down and Developing Field Capabilities

"In order to continue to be an outstanding organization that can provide high-quality services to our customers, we have always focused on education and will continue to make further investments in all kinds of human capital.
We will carefully pass down the various types of knowledge that have earned us the support of customers in the past, and we will continue to evolve by adapting to changes in the environment without losing this vital core."

The Root of Personnel Training: Our Corporate Motto, "Fulfilling Our Obligations from the Standpoint of Customers"

We have cultivated the basic attitude of supporting our customers' businesses since our founding and passed it down with great care to this day; it is deeply engraved in the hearts of each and every employee.

Senko's Corporate Motto




We will fulfill our obligations from the standpoint of customers through a commitment to our mission as a logistics service provider and a dedication to providing services backed by the best technologies, skills and behavior.
This is the Senko "3S" spirit.

Educational Facilities Supporting Personnel Training

"The Senko Group operates logistics training facilities based on the idea that "to create an outstanding workplace, we must first develop professionals."
Located in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture, Crefeel Koto, one of the largest facilities in Japan, has a 270,000-square-meter site with facilities like an auto traffic training facility that offers training in various situations, a school where large vehicle and towing licenses can be earned, and accommodations. It provides training for our employees, and also for group employees. In recent years, we have further enhanced our educational foundation by establishing the Crefeel Nagareyama training facility in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture."

Crefeel Koto (

Diverse Educational Systems and Tools Supporting Personnel Training

"The knowledge that we have relied upon in our 100 years in the logistics industry since our founding has been compiled for use as an educational tool. In addition to professional personnel development training based on this tool, we are disseminating the right attitudes, knowledge, and skills for Senko employees through training to pass on the core skills required for each business and basic training conducted by qualified trainers of the in-house certification system assigned to every area of the company.
In addition, in order to maintain advanced field capabilities on a permanent basis, we are also focusing on the training of managers and supervisors and promoting systematic training by establishing training programs for each position and year and video learning programs to provide necessary knowledge."

Element-specific training By-business core skill training
By-area regional training
By-position and by-year training
Basic training Professional personnel development training
Video learning programs

Challenging Mindset Necessary for Employees

We have built a system in which all employees have their own individual goals, and supervisors support their achievement. We strive to ensure that each and every one of us can grow while meeting organizational goals and feeling job satisfaction. We encourage employees to take on challenges, and even if they fail, we provide opportunities for reskilling and support them to stand up even stronger. This gives us the drive and willingness to take on challenges that allow us to lead our customers to success in their businesses.

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