Light Cargo Logistics

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Light Cargo Logistics

Using light cargo vehicles to provide delivery services to meet your needs, ranging from single items to charters (route and urgent delivery)

Description of Services

Utilizing the logistics know-how that Senko has cultivated in a wide range of industries, we have built a unified logistics system and provide high-quality service through small-lot and home-delivery transportation using light cargo vehicles alongside the large- and medium-lot delivery that we specialize in.

<Main types of delivery we handle>
EC logistics
Delivery for compounding pharmacies and hospitals
Delivery for fast food and other retailers
Home delivery for food club memberships
Residential delivery (bicycle deliveries, home center purchases, etc.)
Delivery of construction materials to job sites

Parcel Deliveries

We provide delivery services for B to C companies, including redelivery for missed packages, mainly in metropolitan areas.

Unpackaged Deliveries

We use collapsible containers to provide environmentally friendly unpackaged deliveries.

[Sapologi] Connecting People Who Want Their Packages Delivered with People Who Want to Deliver Them

The light cargo delivery matching app Sapologi is a service that connects light cargo businesses with customers who wish to handle emergency deliveries, exclusive deliveries, route deliveries, and other types of light vehicle cargo.
This system determines the fee based on the package and destination set on the Web or app and a Sapologi-registered driver selects it, picks it up, and delivers it. In addition to spot delivery, it offers functions not found in other matching services, such as coordinating efficient delivery using charters and regular deliveries.

Pickups are available in Kanto, Tokai, Kansai, and Kyushu. Deliveries are available nationwide!

Pickup areas

We are always accepting packages and driving staff. Don't hesitate to get in touch.
Sapologi Website

Consolidated Cargo and Passenger Express

We have partnered with Willer Express, Inc. to use the luggage space on highway buses between Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka to provide consolidated cargo and passenger transport.

Bring your cargo to the highway bus departure terminal for transport by highway bus and delivery from the arrival terminal by a local light cargo vehicle.

* Available only for limited packages (350 kg per delivery/vehicle) due to the use of luggage space.
* Delivery is not available for items prohibited by the Transportation Regulations for Passenger Automobile Transportation Businesses.
* Contact us for pickup for delivery to the outbound highway bus terminal.

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