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Comprehensive Proposal Capabilities

The Five Strengths That Support Our Proposal Capabilities

From our founding in 1916 to today, we have evolved our logistics know-how and expanded the scope of our services to meet the expectations of our customers. From logistics consulting to the design, administration, and operation of systems, Senko has the advantage of being able to make proposals that fit the needs of our customers. These are the five strengths that support our proposal capabilities.

The strengths supporting our proposal capabilities 01

Logistics Centers in Japan and Overseas

We have established logistics centers in Japan and overseas with a total floor area of more than 4 million square meters, and use them as multifunctional bases that provide storage, delivery, and distribution processing to support the distribution of products in three temperature zones (room temperature, refrigerated, and frozen).

Logistics Centers (Storage and Distribution Processing)


The strengths supporting our proposal capabilities 02

Diverse Modes of Transport

We use three transport modes (truck transport, ship transport, and rail transport) to provide a wide variety of freight transport for three temperature zones (room temperature, refrigerated, and frozen), as well as for dangerous goods, heavy goods, and light freight.

Rail Transport
Marine Transport
Light Cargo Logistics
Moving Services


The strengths supporting our proposal capabilities 03

Know-How in a Wide Range of Industries

Since our founding, we have undertaken logistics operations in many industries, and currently possess a wide range of logistics know-how that includes chain stores, food, fashion, chemicals, housing, mail order, electrical equipment/machinery, and medical devices/pharmaceuticals.

Supplier Logistics
Chain Store Logistics
Food Logistics
Fashion Logistics
Chemical Logistics
Housing Logistics
Healthcare Logistics


The strengths supporting our proposal capabilities 04

Global Expansion

We have established business locations in 12 countries overseas in order to provide the same level of logistics services as in Japan, and we are developing integrated domestic and international logistics that work in conjunction with our network of domestic locations.

International Logistics


The strengths supporting our proposal capabilities 05

Mechanization and Systematization

In addition to our lineup of hardware and know-how, we have approximately 300 logistics and information system engineers who provide comprehensive logistics proposals to solve our customers' problems, such as introducing and designing the latest material handling equipment and linking with the IT systems we have developed in-house.

Logistics Consulting
IT Solutions


We Use These Strengths to Work Closely with Our Customers to Solve Their Problems

We have told you about Senko's strengths, but our breadth of services and technology are not the only things we offer. We listen carefully to the customer's voice, think about things from the customer's point of view, and find the optimal solution to any problem. We value communication between people. That doesn't change even if the times change. We believe that the culmination of technology and communication is the true strength of Senko and the reason why customers keep choosing us. We promise to keep thinking about our customers' logistics concerns from start to finish. In the future, we will continue to work hard at doing what we've done in the past: take full ownership of problems along with our customers and propose optimal solutions.

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