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International Logistics

Supporting our customers’ global business development with an integrated domestic and international logistics system

Description of Services

Senko combines local subsidiaries and representative offices established all over the world with its overseas agency network to provide a worldwide network. We provide integrated international logistics services by combining various transportation modes and domestic and overseas logistics centers.
We also visualize supply chain information, including overseas information, and use logistics to support our customers' global business development.

Business Details

Marine forwarding business
We have numerous local subsidiaries and business locations overseas, creating a worldwide network. We provide integrated domestic and international transportation.
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Air forwarding business
As a global logistics provider, we connect the world and provide one-stop services.
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Customs clearance/drayage business
As an AEO-certified company, we provide high-quality customs clearance services.
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Storage and distribution processing (warehouse: locally bonded/room temperature, refrigerated, and frozen)
Our overseas bonded warehouses can handle three temperature environments, as well as distribution processing.
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Chain store logistics
We create optimal logistics solutions for customers in a variety of distribution businesses.
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Overseas Logistics Centers

North America

Kentucky (17,395 m²; General, frozen, and refrigerated)

Los Angeles (1,421 m²; General)

East Asia


Dalian (28,520 m²)

Qingdao (8,540 m²)

Beijing (9,007 m²)

Suzhou (25,200 m²)

Chuansha (3,839 m²)

Qingpu (18,752 m²)


Laem Chabang, Thailand (20,520 m²; General, frozen, and refrigerated)

Bangkok, Thailand (20,000 m²; Frozen, refrigerated, and mass-market)

Hanoi, Vietnam (15,980 m²; General)

Bangkok, Thailand (2,000 m²; Comprehensive bonded)

Bangkok, Thailand (4,338 m²; General and mass-market)

Singapore (9,774 m²; General and mass-market)

Yangon, Myanmar (3,222 m²; Frozen, refrigerated, and general)

International logistics solutions

We provide integrated services by connecting domestic and overseas logistics locations with transportation networks.
Additionally, supply chain information, including overseas information, is available in real time, helping customers improve logistics efficiency on a global level and reduce lost sales opportunities.
We comprehensively handle everything from purchasing to customs clearance and transportation.

Integrated logistics operations system (Domestic to overseas, overseas to domestic, and overseas to overseas)

You can use our integrated services, from transportation, storage, and distribution processing of products produced overseas to customs clearance and delivery to individual stores in Japan.

Just-in-Time Service from Domestic and Overseas Locations to Designated Destinations (Factories, Stores, Etc.)

Visualization of the global supply chain information (Global SCEM)

The Global SCEM (Supply Chain Event Management) system, which visualizes the status of inventory and transportation throughout the supply chain, from overseas production and distribution locations to domestic delivery destinations, makes it possible to consolidate information and optimize the entire supply chain.

Handling overseas logistics needs

We support our customers' overseas procurement, production, and sales activities through our group's overseas logistics centers and agency network.

Developing international logistics solutions for a wide range of industries

We use logistics to support global business development by all kinds of customers.
Read a few of case studies of our solutions.

Logistics-related industries
Visualizing information to support integrated global production and distribution (Fashion and apparel)

Residential/building materials industry
Intermodal transportation of imported construction materials

Chemical industry
Import, export, and other integrated logistics (3PL services)

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