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Healthcare Logistics

Using a safe and secure system for medical and pharmaceutical products to protect community healthcare

Description of Services

Healthcare logistics is a field that the Senko Group focuses on as a business that plays a part in community medical care. In addition to establishing a specialized distribution base and delivery system for medical and pharmaceutical products, we are working to obtain the licenses and approvals provided for by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act* in order to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of medical settings. We provide logistics services that support the health of everyone in the community and solve the problems of our many customers. * Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (Former name: Pharmaceutical Affairs Act)

For Medical Device Manufacturers
Senko has technical supervisors, so you can entrust everything to us as your manufacturer representative, even market shipment

We offer many services, not just logistics services such as storage and delivery. Non-core operations that are routinely performed by medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers will be handled by Senko's technical supervisors.

Logistics operations

We provide warehousing, inspection, storage, and shipping services.

Manufacturing work

A technical supervisor who meets the qualification requirements will conduct a quality inspection to ensure that the medical device is free of contamination and handle everything from labeling and enclosing documentation for market release to approving shipment.

Sales work

Qualified managers provide medical devices supplied by manufacturers to users such as medical institutions.

Other services
For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Senko has on-staff pharmacists, so we are able to manage pharmaceuticals properly

We are expanding the acquisition of pharmaceutical/medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical wholesale, and other licenses at all of our logistics locations. We provide advanced logistics services, such as stationing pharmacists at centers that handle pharmaceuticals when necessary.

Customers do not need to make arrangements for a pharmacist

Examples of pharmacist duties

  • Pharmaceutical quality control
  • Pharmaceutical inventory management
  • Logistics management
  • Inspection work
  • Provision of pharmaceutical information
  • Document preparation
Logistics for Regenerative Medicine
We are able to record temperature, humidity, and vibrations during transport

Our trained specialist staff provides temperature-controlled transport services. We handle all kinds of requests, such as packaging that complies with laws and regulations based on the WHO guidance for the transport of infectious substances, monitoring during transport with temperature and impact measurement equipment to provide post-transport data, collation of specimens, and incidental work. We have a deep track record of 600-1000 per year, and we're able to make arrangements nationwide from our broad network.

For Medical Device Wholesalers
We deliver directly to medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics

A full-time driver who is familiar with hospital entry rules will deliver products in the best way for each hospital when it comes to things such as trolley transport, product placement, and reception etiquette. Senko provides specialized transportation for healthcare and achieves high quality. In addition, we have built our own joint delivery network to combine products from multiple customers in order to improve the efficiency of logistics. Both the quality and cost of this joint delivery have received high reviews.

Senko's unique strengths

Long track record
Lower costs
Improved delivery quality
Improvement of services
For Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
We deliver directly to compounding pharmacies

We reduce costs by using the Senko Group's route delivery for light cargo instead of home delivery contractors.

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