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DX Initiatives

DX in the logistics industry, which faces many issues such as labor shortages and diversifying delivery needs, is called Logistics 4.0. It has gained a major role through the use of next-generation technologies such as IoT and AI to change conventional business models and solve social problems.


"Many customers who use our logistics services have great expectations for solutions to issues such as reducing logistics costs and CO2 emissions. Our goal is to use DX to solve our customers' problems.
Senko aims to build the industry's first digital network for all transport modes as a new service that meets customer needs. One example of this is the logistics bus reservation system. This system provides information on the shortest lead time and the amount of CO2 reduction from Senko's own logistics network, allowing customers to compare listings of the duration, costs, and CO2 reduction of transportation, supporting them in selecting the best route.

DX Service

Logistics bus reservation system

You can easily check the transportation pattern, transportation status, CO2 emissions, and other aspects of registered orders.

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Through DX, Senko hopes to solve our customers' problems and optimize their supply chain in the process. By using our past achievements to make full use of DX technology, we will achieve synergistic effects in solving the problems of improving logistics efficiency and optimizing the entire supply chain.
Moving into the future, Senko will continue to be a company that not only does business with customers, but also works together with them to solve a range of problems. We will continue to evolve every day as a company that can make proposals using DX to add new value to logistics services.

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