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Message from the President


President and Representative Director of Senko Co., Ltd.


Cherishing the important items you entrust to us above all else

Senko Co., Ltd. was founded in 1916 as Tomita Shokai, an exclusive distribution company for Nippon Chisso Hiryo.
Thanks to our customers' generous support,
we have been able to transform ourselves into a company that has served their storage,
transportation, and distribution processing needs for more than 100 years.
Today, we have greatly expanded the types of products we handle,
the means of transportation we use, and the range over which we provide transport,
all with the goal of treating our customers' products as our top priority.
In the course of improving the ways we provide these services,
we have steadily increased the number of customers that Senko supports.

Solving logistics issues while working closely with customers

Our core principle is solving our customers' logistics issues by working together with them in harmony. We don't just provide simple transportation. We reach fundamental solutions through continuous communication with customers about their problems, so we can understand even concerns that are not easily verbalized. This kind of steady process is a crucial part of offering services that provide real satisfaction.
I have spent a long time on the frontlines of the company since joining it in 1989. No matter where I worked, I could clearly feel the culture of valuing our customers above all other concerns. The DNA inherited from our predecessors is a treasure that we at Senko will continue to cherish.

Building a prosperous world from the perspective of logistics

"Senko's strengths have allowed us to be in the top class of Japan's logistics centers in terms of total floor area, offering efficient and decarbonized transport modes, and providing in-house logistics through a well-developed nationwide delivery network.
In recent years, we have been using these strengths to focus on promoting logistics DX and developing new business areas. We contribute to problem-solving in various industries by building transport services that provide outstanding added value.
Logistics is an integral part of all things, and is truly the lifeblood of the economy. We will continue to provide innovative problem-solving every day and work hand-in-hand with our customers to create the best logistics together. That is our mission.

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