Modal Shift

Supporting transport efficiency and reduced CO₂ emissions, focusing on medium/long-distance freight transport

Railroads and ships are more energy-efficient than trucks, and are effective in reducing CO₂ emissions and preventing air pollution.
The Senko Group owns its own ships, enabling it to provide more efficient transport services through a modal shift to rail and marine transport. We also support our customers' environmental initiatives through a modal shift from truck transport to rail transport, which greatly reduces CO₂ emissions and energy consumption.

Good Reputation for Modal Shift in Cooperation with Various Organizations

We are a member of the Green Logistics Partnership Conference so that we can work with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and related organizations to pool our wisdom, cooperate, and collaborate in promoting initiatives aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions. In addition, we have acquired the Eco-Ship Mark and Eco-Rail Mark for being a logistics business that meets standards for the use of environmentally friendly marine and rail transport, and we continue to make proposals for the use of non-trucking transport channels and logistics services that take the environment into consideration.

Please refer to this page for other environmental activities in which our company has received plaudits.
Green Transformation (GX)

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