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Supporting our customers’ modal shift with a wide range of vessels

Description of Services

Companies are promoting a modal shift in order to protect the environment. In today's world, where working practices are being reformed, marine transport is attracting attention as a means of relieving truck drivers from working long hours. At Senko, we are taking advantage of our group's marine transport capabilities to actively propose to our customers a switch to integrated sea-land transport.

marine transport

Modal Shift Using RORO Ships/Ferries

This is a means of transportation that uses single-vehicle orders like those for trucks to combine the function of door-to-door delivery with the low cost of marine transport. Compared to general cargo ships, it has the benefits of shorter lead times, the ability to transport even small lots, preventing damage to cargo because cargo is transported between land and ship on the chassis, and avoiding weather-related delays in cargo handling work.

  • Loading only trailer chassis without driver
  • Scheduled liner service
  • Transport that combines the agility of trucks with the scale and low cost of ships

Consolidated Liners

  • Vessels that carry unitized cargo from multiple shippers and provide regular service

  • Capable of meeting customer needs when handling a wide variety of lots

Cargo Ships

  • The most popular type of conventional vessel
  • Ideal for transporting steel, resin, paper/pulp, and bulk cargo
  • Transport lots of 500 to 1500 tons

Tanker Ships

  • Vessels that carry liquid products such as heavy oil and chemicals
  • Offering various types of ships according to product characteristics and degree of hazard
  • Further safety assurance by obtaining certification under the International Safety Management (ISM) Code regarding ship safety management systems

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