Taking the Environment into Consideration

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Taking the Environment into Consideration

In addition to shipping and rail transport services that have a low environmental impact, we also offer unique education and training services for eco-driving.

Shifting Transportation Modes

Senko has an established track record in providing transportation with its own ships and railroads. Combining various transportation modes with our nationwide network of logistics sites, we offer modal shifts and support our customers in reducing their CO2 emissions.

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Achieving Zero Emissions

We support our customers' efforts to achieve zero emissions through logistics by recycling packaging materials, using returnable packaging materials, and reducing the amount of packaging materials used by increasing the size of transportation lots.

Encouraging Fuel-Efficient Driving throughout the Company

At Crefeel Koto, we provide a wide range of education and training on fuel-efficient driving techniques, in addition to the traffic safety know-how we have cultivated through our business activities. We help our customers operate in a way that is friendly to people and the environment (ecological) and produces economic results (economic).

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