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Fashion Logistics

We provide comprehensive support for your distribution strategies, from distribution operations fitted to your exact needs to global multimodal logistics for overseas manufacturing products.

Description of Services

The fashion industry requires complex supply chains and timely responses to trends, seasons, and other changes.
In addition, the delicate products of the fashion industry require careful handling and meticulous care.

Senko's Fashion and Apparel Logistics

Providing solution services optimized for the individual customer

Shortening lead times, building international logistics, and then visualizing supply chain information. 
Senko brings logistics operations and IT systems together to provide logistics that fit the individual business strategies of its customers in the fashion and apparel industry.

Providing services based on abundant experience in fashion and apparel logistics

The fashion and apparel industry involves a wide range of processes, from wholesale buying and production to retail delivery and sales. 
The Senko Group includes delivery agencies and can work with inspection companies to unify logistics processes and shorten transport routes. We meet your demands for high-quality and low-cost logistics services.

Senko Group fashion logistics services

Visualizing information to support integrated global production and distribution

Senko provides IT solutions even at overseas logistics sites. We visualize supply chain information like the progress of product transport and the status of production. We look at things from the points of view of manufacturers, trading companies, and wholesalers so we can support them in their work every day.

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