Third-Party Logistics

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Third-Party Logistics

Senko’s third-party logistics (3PL) provides optimal logistics so that customers can concentrate on their core businesses.

Description of Services

What Is Senko 3PL?

Senko has always strived to provide logistics systems that are integrated with our customers' business activities through our logistics consulting services. Utilizing the unique know-how that we have cultivated over many years, we use 3PL to support the construction and operation of our customers' supply chains.
Senko's 3PL builds and operates the most suitable system for the customer needs, regardless of its own assets.
In addition to logistics operations, we meet various needs, such as logistics-related planning, management, and improvement, so that customers can concentrate on their core strategic operations. We carry out a range of duties as part of our customers, with the goal of optimizing the customers' supply chains.

Basic Process Leading to 3PL Operations


We design and propose the optimal system according to the consulting.

Preparation of 3PL

We formulate an implementation plan and carry out preparations.
(Such as detailed business design, proposal of a migration plan, and education)

Operation of 3PL

In order to achieve a smooth start of operation, we will start when preparations are complete.

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