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Supplier Logistics

We precisely meet a wide range of needs, such as diversified distribution channels and globalized sales.

Description of Services

Supporting Logistics for All Lifestyle-Related Products, from Daily Necessities to Food

Senko has built up logistics know-how regarding products handled by various manufacturers and wholesalers through its dealings with customers in the distribution industry. We build and operate logistics systems that support production and sales based on the characteristics of our customers' products and the needs of dealers.

Providing Locations Optimized to Customer Needs in Our Multifunctional Logistics Centers Nationwide

Senko has a nationwide network of distribution sites.
We make optimal proposals for reviewing inventory locations and distribution networks.
In addition, by entrusting all operations to Senko, you can understand the status of inventory at all locations in real time so you can reduce total inventory costs.
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Feel Free to Discuss Any of Your Challenges with Us--Not Just Storage and Deliveries

We will propose a logistics system that fits your needs based on the characteristics of your products, such as products like food and medicine that need storage and expiration date management and large-scale products like products for home centers. We can also provide temporary storage for seasonal and other products.
In addition, we respond to the precise needs of our delivery destinations, such as price labeling and other types of distribution processing, as well as scheduled bulk delivery. We provide comprehensive support for suppliers' sales activities.

Main Distribution Processing Services

  • Price labeling, packaging, and refilling
  • Set assembly
  • Tagging, needle detection, pressing, and bagging of apparel products

Support for Customers' Production and Sales Activities in Areas Other Than Logistics Operations

We also provide outsourcing in fields other than logistics operations, such as creation of ordering systems and answering calls at call centers.
We support our customers so that they can focus more on their core businesses.

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