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Housing Logistics

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Residential/Building Materials Logistics

Senko has a wide range of vehicles at approximately 50 locations nationwide that have know-how in housing logistics, and we use a top-in-the-industry track record and know-how cultivated over many years to provide delivery to construction sites.
In addition, we improve quality and reduce total costs by streamlining transportation and delivery channels and systematizing logistics.

Our nationwide warehouses provide the same quality of service wherever you are

Senko has a nationwide network of warehouses for housing logistics. In addition to meeting the expectations of customers who have expanded nationwide, we will also provide the same quality of service nationwide to customers who are considering expanding to new territories. That means you can leave it to us with peace of mind.

Wide variety of trucks for housing materials of various sizes

2-ton flatbed truck
3-ton crane truck
4-ton flatbed truck
7-ton crane truck
Large flatbed truck
Large crane truck

Consistent joint logistics service from procurement to on-site delivery

Senko has built a system that jointly distributes products of housing manufacturers and building materials manufacturers. We improve logistics efficiency and provide eco-friendly logistics through joint transportation and delivery.  

We also provide optional services upon request.

  • Processing and packaging services
  • Designation of a wide variety of delivery conditions

Supporting initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of house builders through circular logistics

There are various regulations based on the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act for the distribution of waste discharged from construction sites.
Senko provides services such as collection and transport, sorting, temporary storage, and selection work for house builders who have adopted and are following the Ministry of the Environment's Wide-Area Industrial Waste Certification System.
Senko supports the efforts of house builders to reduce their environmental impact through "circular logistics," which combines "arterial logistics" for procurement, pickup, and delivery, and "venous logistics" for collection, transportation, and disposal.

Centrally managing information and visualizing it on your smartphone

Senko has independently developed and used a transport management system (TMS) and a warehouse management system (WMS) specialized for housing. TMS uses smartphones and GPS to provide information needed by the construction site, such as the location of transportation vehicles, transportation status, and what has been delivered where. Our system is also provided to customers as a general-purpose software package for logistics management systems (LMS).

Shipping and delivery status visualized in real time
LMS(General-purpose software package)

Integrated management of all operations by building OMS (logistics order management), WMS (warehouse management), and TMS (vehicle management) as one system using LMS.

Increased loading efficiency with specialized pallets for housing materials

Using variable pallets, we efficiently and safely consolidate products in various packing styles, including long items and special-shaped items.

Transport + distribution processing to further improve construction efficiency

We provide various services such as centralized inventory support and just-in-time delivery for builders who work with wood, as well as inventory joint delivery service and hardware installation for wood precut companies.

Delivering what you need, when you need it, in just the amount you need, to match the progress of construction

With the construction rush of high-rise buildings reaching its peak, we are applying the know-how we have cultivated in housing logistics to logistics for building construction materials. Materials that were delivered directly to the site by the supplier in the past will be stored at Senko's warehouse, allowing us to accurately respond to delivery schedules that change on a daily basis. Find out all about the know-how in reliable material procurement and centralized management of information that gives Senko the edge. We also handle heavy items, long items, and international transportation.

Leave the environmental energy equipment for heavy items to us

We handle a wide range of products, including solar power generation systems, storage battery systems, and Eco Cute, as well as the EV chargers and wind power generation-related materials that are expected to be in demand as we move toward a decarbonized society.
When it comes to storage battery logistics, we have developed a platform that centrally manages main procurement logistics, storage, sales logistics, light construction, and recovery logistics at locations nationwide, and propose optimal logistics solutions according to customer needs.

[Example of products handled]
Solar panels for large power plants
Solar panels for homes
Storage battery systems for homes
Storage battery systems for manufacturing
EV chargers

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