Bulk Container Logistics System

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Bulk Container Logistics System

This is an era in which SDGs (sustainable development goals) are in demand worldwide.
We provide support to raw material manufacturers and delivery destinations for needs related to all kinds of initiatives.

Description of Services

Providing an Integrated Logistics System for Products (Granules, Powder) from the Supplier's Silo to the Customer's Silo

Senko provides integrated logistics services, from packing resins into bulk containers to shipping, loading into silos, management of empty containers, and supply of containers to factories.
In addition, we support a wide range of modes of transportation, such as rail, ship, and truck. In particular, integrated sea-land transport by container ships (marine round transport system) not only reduces transportation costs, but also takes the environment into consideration.
In addition to high-lift coupler vehicles, we also have vehicles with special chassis equipped with a rotary valve, blower, generator, and dump device. We make arrangements for vehicles for bulk containers and also make proposals for pneumatic transportation equipment for filling and unloading containers and necessary attachments according to customer needs.

Providing Human- and Environment-Friendly Logistics Systems
with Our Own Bulk Containers and Specialized Vehicles

Improving work efficiency while maintaining quality

No manpower is required for filling and loading; truck loading and unloading work is done in container units and there is no need to collect, wash, or manage materials, making it possible to reduce logistics costs through improved work efficiency.
This also reduces contamination with foreign substances, making it possible to maintain stable quality as well.

Significant reduction of CO2 emissions during transport

A modal shift from trunk transport to ships and railroads can reduce CO₂ emissions compared to transporting all routes by truck.
In addition, dedicated bulk container yards have been established in the Kanto, Chukyo, Kinki, and Chugoku/Shikoku regions, and dedicated vessels operate round trips between the yards.
We stock each yard with the right number of bulk containers at the right time and deliver them in dedicated bulk container trucks according to customer demand.

Handling all kinds of environments at the job site (filling and unloading of bulk containers)
Providing a logistics system that meets customer needs

We provide an all-in-one logistics network, information system, and logistics equipment necessary for the logistics cycle from the supplier's silo to the customer's silo.
We can accept bulk containers without any need for customers to prepare special equipment such as power sources and blowers.
We can also change the liner of the container, making it possible to transport a wide variety of products.

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