Rail Transport

We work with JR Freight to provide efficient and environmentally friendly door-to-door services.

Description of Services

Transport That Reduces Driver Hours and Aids in Decarbonization

Rail transport

Rail transport can transport up to 650 tons of cargo (as much as 65 10-ton trucks) at one time, making it particularly suitable for long-distance transport. It is attracting more attention than any other mode of transportation as a way to reduce driver hours and decarbonize transport, which have become major issues in recent years. It is also the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient mode of transport. About 1/10 the CO2 emissions of trucks, and 1/5 the energy consumption, so it's very clean!

Senko provides a door-to-door transport system that combines trucks and JR Freight's railroads, with excellent punctuality, speed, and lot handling. We aim to achieve both efficiency in logistics and protection of the global environment using a flexible transportation system that takes advantage of the ease of linking rail transportation with automobile transportation using rail and tank containers.

Meeting Customer Needs with a Record That Is in the Top Ranks of the Industry

Senko has built systems that allow us to meet any need and offers a wide variety of the container size and function variations that customers require. We support our customers' logistics with our know-how and our track record of being in the top class of cargo handling volume using rail transport.

Nationwide Railway Transportation Network

We offer door-to-door integrated transportation services by combining a railroad network that connects approximately 140 container handling stations nationwide with truck transportation between the shipper and recipient and the train stations nearest to them.

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