Transport Safety Management

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Transport Safety Management

The disclosure of information on transport safety management will be carried out in accordance with Article 24-3 of the Motor Truck Transportation Business Act and Article 2-8 of the Motor Truck Transportation Business Transportation Safety Regulation.

Safety Policy

Basic policy on transport safety

【Basic posture】

【Priority Measures】

  1. We comply with relevant laws and regulations and fulfill our social responsibilities.
  2. We thoroughly carry out risk assessment and reduce all safety risks.
  3. We prevent health problems through a solid health management system and promotion of independent health.
  4. We proactively disclose information on safety and health activities.

Goals and Achievement Status

Goals concerning transport safety and achievement of the targets

No traffic accidents (serious accidents) as stipulated in Article 2 of the Automobile Accident Reporting Rules have occurred.

Organizational Structure and Chain of Command

Organizational structure and chain of command for transport safety

Management responsibility system(PDF : 54KB)

Priority Measures Concerning Transport Safety

Priority Measures

We have formulated priority measures for the fiscal year and are working on the following items.

Priority measures for FY2023

  1. Raising the level of safety and health management systems within the Group, including new companies entering the Group, and creating safety synergies
  2. Making environmental improvements to become a company where people can work with peace of mind
  3. Rebuilding the current safety-related system to make safety management more visible and promote its use
  4. Promoting the continuous introduction of advanced safety technology and promoting safer and more environmentally friendly workplaces and working environments through the fusion of people and technology
  5. Expanding education and training and promoting innovation in COVID-conscious educational methods (development of non-face-to-face education, etc.)

Safety Activity Implementation Status

Plans for transport safety

We have created and implemented plans to ensure transport safety.

FY2022 implementation status

Actual Amount of Transport Safety Budget, Etc.

Carried out according to the safety activity plan. The main items are as follows:

Together, these totaled 822 million yen.

Reporting System for Accidents and Disasters

Reporting system for accidents and disasters, etc.

Reporting system (PDF : 357KB)

Safety Supervisor and Transport Safety Management Regulations

Safety Supervisor

Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Safety, Quality, and Environmental Manager
Appointed April 1, 2022
Noboru Ogoshi

Transport Safety Management Regulations

The Transport Safety Management Regulations established on October 1, 2007 was revised on June 1, 2012, and based on Article 16, Paragraph 1 of the Motor Truck Transportation Business Act, we submitted the Transport Safety Management Regulations to the Director-General of the Kinki District Transport Bureau on May 23, 2013.
Transport Safety Management Regulations (PDF : 1.7MB)

Educational Plan Concerning Transport Safety

Education and training plan concerning transport safety

We conduct driver training centered on creating behavior habits through experiential learning at our educational facility, Crefeel Koto.
■ FY2022 implementation status

  • A total of 1051 people from throughout the Senko Group received driver training at Crefeel Koto.
  • Regional training taught by safe driving trainers was carried out in various areas and attended by 2608 people.
  • Internal Audit and Safety Performance Evaluation Results and Measures

    Internal audit of transport safety and safety performance evaluation

    We conduct internal audits of transport safety on management. From July to September 2022, we conducted safety performance evaluations at 326 Senko Group vehicle business sites and warehouse/yard sites. This is to measure actual safety performance and promote improvement and higher levels of safety. Starting in FY2022, we have changed to a new system for the horizontal expansion of strong points (the very best things done by our business sites) and the correction of items for improvement, and are developing new initiatives. At each location, the Safety and Health Committee confirms the progress of improvement plans for items that don't meet the standards. In addition, we will continue to identify risks related to traffic accidents and work-related accidents and use risk management to strengthen activities aimed at reducing risks as part of our transport safety management.

    Administrative Penalties

    Administrative Penalties(PDF : 56KB)

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