Integrated Retail Logistics (Distribution Centers)

3.27 million m2 in major domestic cities and overseas.
"PD center" supports customer's production / sales strategy

Senko's distribution center "PD center (*)" has functions to provide information on the supply chain in addition to the functions of storage, handling, and distribution processing.

Total storage area of logistics center located in domestic and overseas major cities is now about 3.27 million m2.
We will support your distribution strategy by fusing advanced facilities and systems.

*"PD center" is a collective term for distribution centers in SENKO.
PD stands for Physical Distribution.

Features of SENKO's distribution center "PD center"

Complex functions to meet various needs

We will provide a comprehensive logistics service including storage, distribution processing, nationwide delivery, in response to customers' high requirements.
In addition to logistics services, we also offer distribution services such as order acceptance services.

Construct and provide the optimum transportation delivery system to meet customer's needs

We will construct and provide an transportation delivery system that responds to all customer's transportation needs such as transportation lot, distance, lead time etc.