Railway Forwarding

In cooperation with Japan Freight Railway Corporation,
we offer environmental friendly, efficient door-to-door transport

Railway forwarding is attracting attention as the core component of multi-modal transport, and a way to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion resulting from truck transport.

We have combined JR Freight Railway Corporation's services with our trucking operations to create a door-to-door distribution system which offers high-speed punctual delivery, notably for large-lot cargo. By using containers (such as railway containers and tank containers), we are utilizing the seamless transition from rail to truck, for a versatile transport system. This makes its possible to pursue distribution efficiency, as well as environmental preservation.

Responding to our customers' needs, with a top record in the industry

We provide a large variety of container sizes and functions, in order to meet our customers' expectations, whatever they may be. This setup has made us the second largest user of railway freight services (based on FY 2000 sales). We support our customers' logistics with this performance record and the know-how we have acquired.

Nationwide railway transportation network

We provide an integrated door-to-door service by combining rail transportation between any of the approximately 150 stations on the JR Freight nationwide network with truck delivery to the customer.

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