Modal Shift

Brings greater transport efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission volume mainly for medium/long distance freight transport

At Senko, we support greater efficiency in transportation and reductions in CO2 emissions levels by making modal shift proposals advocating switching from medium to long-distance trucking of freight to railway forwarding or marine transport alternatives.
Railway forwarding and marine transport offer significant advantages over road vehicle transport in terms of greater energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and lower levels of pollution.
Senko owns its own vessels and, by offering its customers a modal shift alternative in the form of railway forwarding and marine transport can provide a more efficient transport service and simultaneously supply data on reductions achieved in CO2emissions so as to support its customers' environmental preservation activities.


Green Logistics Partnership Council (‘Green Partnership')

The ‘Green Logistics Partnership Council' was established in a joint initiative between the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and other related organizations with the aim of promoting voluntary efforts in the field of logistics aimed at deepening the relationships between companies in the logistics industry and their customers so as to further reduce the volume of CO2emissions. The council aims to provide backing for and give awards for initiatives taken by companies in the logistics sector to reduce the volume of CO2emissions such as efforts towards a modal shift in favor of rail forwarding and marine transport.


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