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On the one hand, the food logistics industry is also required to have strict temperature control and sanitation management while being required to shorten lead time and punctual delivery.It is imperative that both speed and safety and security are compatible. In addition, small lot frequent deliveries peculiar to food logistics, freshness maintenance, distribution processing, physical distribution wave Response etc Customer needs are diversified and advanced.SENKO accumulates its own expertise while serving various logistics and offers optimum service for each customer.
*Principal business configurations handled:Food manufacturer,Food wholesale,Food supermarket,Restaurant industry,Various retail specialty stores,Mail order etc.

Food logistics

We support your company by car, rail, ship, airplane, every transportation channel.


Realizing safe and secure food logistics through IT systemization

Streamline food logistics through a system that centrally manages information and product flow. We use a wireless handy terminal for all operation tasks and establish simple work that anyone can handle.


Date and expiration date management

Consumption due date and expiration date are set for most items of foods. There is a custom of "one-third rule" peculiar to the food industry. SENKO's food logistics uses the system to check the deadline at the time of delivery and shipment for each product, and realizes freshness management that prevents reverse of the date.

Temperature and humidity control

Storing and delivering foods, especially fresh items, must be performed under optimal temperature and humidity control for each product. SENKO's food logistics provides services that utilize the "cold chain" that is managed at optimal temperature and humidity from production plants to end users.

A cold chain (low temperature distribution system) is a system that keeps low temperature by freezing and refrigeration, and consistently distributes goods from producers to consumers.The target products are foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronic parts, blood, etc.
In the SENKO group, RUNTEC mainly provides this service.
RUNTEC Co,. Ltd.

Food defense(Sanitation)

In order to prevent unintentional foreign matter from entering foods, we conduct hygiene management according to the work content in the distribution center.
*Install air shower to entrance of distribution processing workplace entrance,dedicated uniform and hat wear,compliance with hand washing rules,insect proof and mouse-proof control,implementation of employee health check before work etc.

Food defense(Crime prevention)

In order to prevent intrusion of intentional foreign matter into foods, we are taking responsibility for crime prevention measures within the distribution center as a company.
*Surveillance camera is set,Vehicle entry and exit management at the gate,entry and exit control of employees by using IC card,Installation of outer circumference fence etc.


Recognizing the need for food safety and security, it is necessary to establish traceability of goods at the distribution stage. Senko's food logistics system manages product lot by system, it is possible to carry out individual product tracking management (when, when, from which warehouse, which delivery place, what lot) at the time of emergency.

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