Chemicals Logistics
(Bulk Container Logistics System)

An environmentally friendly logistics system that uses 20-foot bulk containers that are sealed after being filled at a factory. Suitable for rail and sea transport, too.

SENKO has an integrated logistics system for resins that uses dedicated bulk containers. Our logistics services span the entire distribution process from filling containers and placing chemicals in silos to the supervision of empty containers and supplying containers to factories. We use many modes of transportation: trains, ships and trucks. Using containerships for integrated sea-land transport (marine round transport system) lowers transportation costs and protects the environment.
Our vehicles include high-lift coupler trucks as well as trucks with special chassis that includes a transfer of resin from containers into silos from an ordinary tractor head.

Advantages of the bulk container logistics system

  • More efficient operations and outstanding quality of chemicals
    moving the entire container on and off a truck. Another benefit is the elimination of any need to recover, cleanse and manage materials. This lowers logistics expenses by improving efficiency. Using this logistics system has the added advantage of protecting the quality of chemicals by reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Big reduction in CO2 emissions during transport
    For mainline transport, SENKO uses a modal shift with sea and rail transport. CO2 emissions are much lower than if trucks were used for the entire route.
バルクコンテナ輸送サービス Bulk container transport

Modes of transportation

  • Rail-highway transport
    Container marine round transport

    SENKO has yards exclusively for bulk containers to serve the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Chugoku, and Shikoku areas. Ships used solely for these containers circulate among these yards. All yards hold a suitable volume of bulk containers at all times so that trucks used exclusively for these containers can make timely deliveries to meet demand from customers.

Easy to install

SENKO is able to supply the logistics network, information system and logistics equipment required for the logistics cycle for transporting chemicals from the supplier's silo to the customer's silo. That means customers can receive bulk containers without purchasing power supplies, blowers or any other special equipment. Furthermore, the same container can be used for many types of chemicals by changing the container liner.



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