Housing logistics

Housing logistics

We offer higher quality and lower overall cost by using streamlined transportation and delivery channels and an advanced logistics system
Growing together with Japan's manufactured home industry, SENKO now provides logistics for many of Japan's leading housing manufacturers.
No logistics company in the country has more experience or know-how in this field. This expertise allows us to meet a broad range of needs involving supply chain management.

A proven record in logistics for all homebuilding materials necessary for home construction

Approximately 60,000 parts are said to be needed for the construction of one home. SENKO has logistics know-how to handle all sorts of homebuilding materials and virtually any logistics issue of our customers.

Type Main items
Frame materials, structural materials, crosslinking materials Columns, beams (steel, wood), outer walls, floors, roofing, etc.
Exterior materials, exterior accessory materials Waterproof sheet, water draining, borders, eaves soffit materials, drainpipes, rooftiles, etc.
Interior materials Fixtures, flooring materials, baseboards, ceiling cornices, stairs, etc.
Equipment materials Plumbing equipment and materials System kitchens, washstands, bath units, toilets, etc.
Electrical equipment Lighting fixtures, solar panels, EcoCute, electric shutters, etc.
Gas-related equipment Water heaters, stoves, pipe materials, etc.
Box-shaped materials Shoe racks (entryway storage), hanging cabinets, storage, etc.
Outdoor facility materials Outdoor facilities, lighting, gates, fences, etc.

Just-in-time deliveries improve work efficiency and maintain high quality

SENKO can provide just-in-time deliveries of structural frames and interior materials to match the progress of construction. We can also provide interior materials as and when they become necessary.
Timely delivery to the worksite of currently needed materials reduces time wasted moving or locating materials. The reduction in time needed to complete a project can greatly lower the cost of construction.

Fully integrated joint logistics services from procurement to worksite delivery

SENKO has developed a joint delivery system that combines logistics operations of housing manufacturers and homebuilding material manufacturers.
The joint transport and delivery raises efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of logistics activities.

  • SENKO can also provide processing and packaging services.
  • SENKO can comply with all sorts of designated delivery conditions.

Proposing the optimal transportation network and logistics routes

The spatial distribution of construction sites is constantly changing. With a network of approximately 300 logistics bases throughout Japan, SENKO can use its large volume of work for homebuilding material customers to propose optimal logistics routes and means of transportation.
Are your current logistics routes optimal? Feel free to consult with us.

TGC-J Housing Global System

By using smartphones and GPS, this system provides the information needed at the construction site, such as the location and transportation status of transport vehicles, and what products have been delivered where.
This enables joint procurement and joint delivery, such as delivery combination by destination and inventory management, and contributes to optimizing logistics of the entire supply chain.

Pallets specially for housing materials


Height can be adjusted, and this enables safe and efficient mixed transport of products with various packing styles such as long items, and items with special shapes.

Logistics services with additional functions


Our customers use a variety of these services including centralized inventory support and JIT delivery for wooden structure builders, and inventory joint delivery services and metal fitting mounting for pre-cut lumber providers.

Construction Material Logistics

We propose optimization of construction material logistics. SENKO handles tasks ranging from transporting long and heavy materials like steel and bridge beams to providing composite, integrated international transport services.
SENKO uses know-how gained from prefabricated home logistics to provide optimized delivery of interior materials to large construction sites, and procurement of overseas materials through composite, integrated transport.

Separation of materials and construction, and bulk purchasing

By exploiting know-how gained through prefabricated home logistics, SENKO makes proposals for optimal delivery of interior materials to large construction sites.
We deliver construction materials in combined shipments, which is much more efficient than the previous practice of having each supplier deliver its own materials. This method lowers total logistics cost by cutting the frequency of shipments and long-distance hauling.
Minimal logistics costs are achieved by reducing receiving work and waiting time at construction sites. Combined deliveries also help protect the environment around the worksite.

Composite, integrated transport of imported materials

We provide support with composite, integrated transport, from overseas factories to carry-in at domestic worksites

Transport of large construction materials

  • Heavy objects
    Steel materials and frames, precast concrete, leased equipment, etc.
  • Long and large objects
    Crane girders, large tanks, large machines, etc.
  • Autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC)
    Exterior walls, roofs, floor panels, etc.
  • Imported materials
    Composite, integrated transport from overseas factories to carry-in at domestic worksites

Delivery of heavy objects

We store heavy objects such as residential solar power systems, household fuel cells, and heat pump water heaters, and provide on-site delivery and set-up with two-man teams.


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