Distribution simulation

SENKO can help companies that have any of the following problems.

  • ・Need to review routes to add more distribution areas or customers.
  • ・Believe that the current distribution route needs to be improved
  • ・Certain routes are time consuming and prevent efficient vehicle operations.
  • ・Too much work and time is needed to review delivery routes each time delivery terms are revised.

SENKO's Distribution System Simulation will resolve these issues.

Transportation and delivery, both of which are important functions of logistics, are also a problematic element of logistics costs. Furthermore, both the transportation company and the cargo owner must undertake environmentally friendly initiatives.
At SENKO, we utilize simulation software to devise a range of solutions to support our customers and help them formulate plans and reviews in the area of transportation and delivery.

Three Benefits

  1. (1) Higher loading ratio
  2. (2) Smaller size of fleet
  3. (3) Lower transportation cost
  • ・Simulations based on a variety of parameter combinations can be implemented. These include limitations on cargo capacity, fleet size, loading time and overall time.
  • ・In addition to recommending the optimum fleet size, SENKO can devise optimum route plans based on the current fleet size.
  • ・SENKO can come up with a proposal even when factors such as distribution routes and cargo capacity are altered.

Simulation: how it works

We discuss the customer’s delivery plan from multiple perspectives.


Basic process for distribution system simulation


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