Message from the President

Yasuhisa Fukuda, President and Representative Director

While we continue to change and challenge to anticipate the times constantly, in 2016 we celebrated the major milestone of the 100th anniversary of our founding. In April 2017, we made the transition to a holding company structure, and as the core company Senko Co., Ltd. we have started anew, responsible for the group’s logistics business.

In addition, the Senko Group has adopted the corporate slogan, “Moving Global: Go beyond logistics, make the world go round, and revolutionize business”. Fiscal year 2017 was the first year of our medium-term management plan, “Senko Innovation 2021 (SIP21)”.

We, at Senko, develop business globally. In addition to strengthening and expanding business areas, beyond the boundaries of business. We collect and analyze information on distribution in real time. We support people’s livelihoods and industries by integrating IT-powered systems. We will realize optimal distribution solutions.

President and Representative Director Yasuhisa Fukuda