Chubu area


Niigata PD Center

It is located in the vicinity of the commercial area in Niigata city and can also access the Kanetsu / Hokuriku Expressway by using Niigata Bypass.
In addition, it has a constant temperature area (5 degrees C · 720 m²), and it can correspond to a wide range of products.

Location Takeo Niigata City Niigata Prefecture
Access 25 minutes from Hokuriku-do Niigataishi IC
20 minutes from Banetsudo Niigata Central IC
15 minutes from Nihonkaitohoku-do Niigata Airport IC
Total floor area (square meter) 6,140m²
Construction Steel frame,2 stories,Low floor type


Toyama PD Center

Adjacent to the main national road, main road, Hokuriku Expressway (Kosugi IC), access from the city and Fushiki Port is also good, boasting an advantageous location as a delivery base covering prefecture and Hokuriku.

Location Imizu City Distribution Center in Toyama Prefecture 2 Mi-Toda 2 chome
Access About 1 km from Hokuriku Expressway Kosugi IC
Total floor area (square meter) 12,142m²
Construction Steel frame, 4 stories
Other, facilities etc. High floor


Kanazawa PD Center

Access to Kanazawa city, Komatsu city, Hakusan city is good access.
We are accredited by the "Logistics comprehensive efficiency improvement law" from the contribution to CO2 reduction with facility design considering workers and environmentally friendly, including energy saving measures.

Location Murai Town Hakusan City Ishikawa Prefecture
Total floor area (square meter) 15,385m²
Construction Steel frame, 4 stories
Other, facilities etc. High floor


Fukui PD Center

Hokuriku Expressway Fukui Kita IC, Hokuriku Main Line South Fukui Station is also a good access center.
We can correspond also to maritime containers, we are handling international cargo handling by connecting Fukui Port and Kanazawa Port.
All areas in the facility are equipped with wireless LAN and inspection operation using handy terminal can be operated with flexible layout.

Location Nikkaichi cho Fukui city Fukui Prefecture
Access About 14 km from Hokuriku Expressway Fukui Kita IC
Total floor area (square meter) 18,258m²
Construction Steel frame, 4 stories
Other, facilities etc. High floor