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Senko Living Plaza Co., Ltd. established a network in major cities throughout the country. We offer safe and comfortable moving service.

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For corporate customers

  • Employee (relocation) moving
    We accept from anywhere in Japan with a single phone. Preliminary inspection, estimate, arrangement, aftercare are all supported by the call center. We contribute to the reduction of the burden expenses of person in charge by corporate contract.

  • Office relocation
    Total support (Total Office Movement Service) from office space design / construction to moving. We also accept office relocation within the same building and transfer of furniture in office space.
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Purchase office furniture / Create layout / Lighting · Electrical installation work / Interior work / Maintenance of IT and communication environment / Security measures / Moving work / Waste treatment / Restoration work at present

For individual customers

  • From the move of residence to the movement of one piano
    Living support & service

    We will undertake a variety of procedures related to moving, such as temporary keeping of household goods and delivery, moving relating to moving and various constructions.
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Moving support service (Mama's hand service) / Trunk room / Transport piano and furniture / Air conditioner removal ・ installation work Installation work of electric ・ gas products / Wiring work on electric ・ telephone lines / Personal computer support service / Disposal of waste disposal of unused items Transport storage of arts and antiques / Procedure such as electricity, gas, water service etc / Moving abroad / Move into the apartment at the same time

*Please contact us for details, such as available areas of service.

Distribution services for hospitals

Unlike general relocation, relocation of a hospital must provide medical services at a level equal to or higher than that before relocation from immediately after relocation. In order to be successful, relocation management experience and expertise are necessary in addition to detailed and detailed preparation and planning.
Based on the extensive experience cultivated to date in SENKO, we are backing up the hospital relocation in full, and we are involved in relocating hospitals over 60 facilities throughout the country.


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