Marine Transport

Senko Supports your Promotion of Modalshift by Variety of Ships

Cargo Ship

  • ・The most popular ship among conventional types
  • ・Most suitable for the transport of steel, resins, paper, pulp, and bulky cargo
  • ・For transport lots of 500 to 1,500 tons

Consolidated Service (Liner Service)

  • ・Vessel that Roads pallet cargo at plural shipper with Liner service
  • ・Capable of carrying lots of any size according to the needs of the customer

Tanker Ship

  • ・A ship used for the purpose of transporting liquid products such as crude oil, chemicals, etc.
  • ・Various types exist in order to respond to the special characteristics or danger levels of the products being transported

RORO Ship/Ferry

  • ・Loaded only with trailer chassis; No-Driver operation
  • ・Loaded only with trailer chassis; No-Driver operation
  • ・A transportation method in which the flexible action of the truck is combined with the large capacity and inexpensive cost of the ship

Modal Shift through the Utilization of the RORO Ships and Long-Distance Car Ferry

Since orders can be made in single vehicle units, as in the case of truck orders, this method combines a door-to-door delivery function with an inexpensive form of marine transportation.
Compared to general cargo ships, these have a shorter lead-time and also provide the opportunity for transporting small lots.
Additionally, since the cargo can be moved either across land, or from ship to ship, while loaded as is, there is no cargo damage and no delays due to loading and unloading on the count of weather conditions.

ISM code accreditation in 1998 (No. 98SMS348)
ISM – ISO9000 Quality Assurance Standard, Marine Version)


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