Global Logistics

Supporting customers' global business development
with a consistent logistics system both in Japan and overseas

Senko opens its overseas affiliate and representative office at around the world and furthermore connects the entire world together with overseas distributor networks through the network. We combine various transport modes and logistics centers in and outside of Japan to provide consistent international logistics service.
In addition, we will visualize supply chain information including overseas, and will support your global business development logistics.

Integrated international transport services

  • Integrated international transport services

  • Integrated international transport services

Japan ~ the United States, Canada, Mexico

  • ・Full container service (All over the United States / door delivery)
  • ・Weekly proprietary mixed flights (All over the United States / door delivery)
  • ・Sea and Air Service for US and Latin America

China land bridge

  • ・From Japan or Hong Kong · China ~ Lianyungang ~ Ala Shan mouth (Alashan Kou) ~ Destik · Almaty

Siberian Land Bridge

  • ・Japan ~ China · Central Asia ~ Europe · Middle East · Northern Europe
  • ・Japan ~ Afghanistan
  • ・Japan ~ Europe · Middle East · CIS · Central Asia

Japan ~ China

Japan ~ Europe

  • ・All over Europe LCL · FCL service

Japan ~ Southeast Asia · Middle East

Southeast Asia ~ USA · Europe · Asia

China ~ USA · Europe · Asia

International maritime transport

  • ・Liquid cargo transport by tank container (all over the world)

Import and export cargo transport including customs clearance


We provide transport service including customs clearance procedure. We will also arrange ordinary freight cars and special vehicles, as well as build optimal transportation routes.

  • ・Customs clearance
  • ・Export packing
  • ・Port handling
  • ・Various transportation (truck transport, rail transportation, maritime container transportation, domestic transport)

Storage and distribution processing (warehouse: local bonded warranty / general)

We have multiple offices and distribution centers abroad.
In the distribution center, we will accept storage, handling, distribution processing (inspection, inspection for residual needles, price tagging, assorting work etc.).
Global Network

In-factory logistics

We will operate a warehouse in customer's factory. In addition, we support all SCM from procurement of raw materials to transportation of products.

Plant export

We will accept packaging, necessary customs clearance, transportation and delivery of necessary equipment in advance of customers' overseas factory advancement.

Trade (trading company activity)

We will undertake comprehensively from purchase of customer's products to customs clearance and transportation.

Trade (trading company activity)

Global logistics solutions

By linking our logistics centers in Japan and overseas with our transportation network, we can provide a fully integrated service.
Moreover, by making use of supply chain data, including that from overseas locations, in real time, our customers are able to achieve greater efficiency of operation and reduce sales opportunity losses at a global level.

A fully integrated logistics solution system linking overseas factories with shops all over Japan

Our customers can make use of a fully integrated service incorporating every stage of the process from the transportation of goods made overseas through storage and retail distribution and processing to customs clearance and, finally, to delivery to individual shops right across Japan.

‘Global SCEM' – enabling supply-chain information to be viewed from a global perspective

We have created ‘Global SCEM (supply chain event management)' as a fully integrated system allowing users to centralize their data in a format ideally suited to viewing their whole supply chain from overseas production and logistics centers right through to domestic delivery of finished goods and to monitoring the process across the inventory and transportation phases of the chain.


We also meet logistics needs in overseas locations

The Senko Group supports its customers' sourcing, manufacturing and sales activities overseas through the logistics centers that it manages overseas and with its network of representative offices.

Global logistics solutions by industrial sector

We support the global development of many, varied types of customer with our logistics services.
Solution examples

Distribution-related sectors: :

Housing and construction-related sectors :

Chemicals-related sectors :