In-factory logistics

The service incorporates everything from the operation of
internal logistics for factories through to logistics management and improvement.
We support our customers' strategies for their production facilities in every way.


For manufacturers, managing the internal logistics of their factories is as important as managing their production processes in seeking to improve the efficiency of their production activities.
At Senko, we first undertake a thorough examination and analysis of the existing situation and then make specific, detailed proposals for strategies to identify and improve problem areas in the process.
Furthermore, we provide close and firm support for the management of the internal logistics of our customers' facilities at every stage from taking orders and making deliveries through bringing in raw materials and conducting manufacturing processes within their factories to the activities involved in shipping finished products up to and including delivery to their end customers.
Moreover, we supply the real-time data of all kinds required for planning improvements in efficiency and precision in operations by means of the IT systems incorporated in our internal logistics systems for factories.

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