The Senko's Advantage


SENKO has the advantage of providing comprehensive services,
from consulting to system design, management, and operation

Proposal capabilities to offer the optimal supply chain to the customer

Comprehensive proposal of optimal SCM, integrating logistics, information, and commercial distribution.

One advantage of SENKO is our ability to make proposals through consulting. We accurately analyze issues in the customer’s business activities, from procurement to the final consumer. Focusing on a broad scope ranging from strategies to operations, we propose optimal SCM taking into account not only logistics and information systems, but even the field of commercial distribution.

Proposal capabilities

Information systems capabilities for integrated management of supply chains

Building SCM and realizing overall optimization through our unique, sophisticated IT system.

Another major advantage of SENKO is our ability to develop and operate information systems in-house. Across business types and categories, and extending to deployment of global SCM, SENKO’s information systems capabilities support state-of-the-art logistics.

Information systems capabilities

Global deployment capability for exploiting domestic/international networks and achieving integrated logistics

Providing powerful support for our customers’ integrated domestic/international logistics and overseas expansion.

We conduct integrated logistics operations from production factories overseas to retail stores in Japan, and thereby realize optimal global SCM. We also support the overseas procurement, production, and sales activities of customers with our network of logistics centers and agents operating overseas.

Global deployment capability

Environmental capabilities for supporting our customers’ environmental conservation activities.

“Land-Sea integrated modal shift” and other active efforts to protect the environment.

As an advanced company in terms of environmental logistics, SENKO promotes a variety of efforts, such as reduction of CO2 emissions and energy conservation, by offering green logistics. SENKO owns ships, and greatly reduces CO2 emissions by combining different types of transport (ship, truck and rail) using our unique “sea-land integrated modal shift.” On land, we also provide efficient transport with low environmental impact via approaches such as a door-to-door transport system employing rail and trucks.

Environmental capabilities

Quality capabilities supporting logistics services to meet customer needs

Quality capabilities

Demonstrating our organizational strengths, and providing high-quality service.

At SENKO, we respond flexibly to customer needs through our high-level “field capabilities” such as our high-quality, high-precision logistics technologies and services. We also channel our efforts into developing human resources with outstanding abilities in many fields, including IT and marketing. We strive to build an organization with a high level of expertise by sharing knowledge and technology throughout our entire group. In our daily work, we boost the ability and enthusiasm of each employee, and by leveraging our organizational strengths, we provide high-quality services to our customers.