Logistics consulting

Logistics systems that form a coordinated part of our customers' strategies

We utilize our highly computerized network to provide a tailor-made integrated logistics system for our customers, in order to provide strategic logistics which will support the customer’s business activities. Our services are not limited to logistics; we are active in all logistics-related strategic areas. Another unique feature of our service is the practical output we provide under our policy of ‘implementational consulting’.

Outline of logistics consulting services

What can be achieved with logistics consulting

  • 1. Targets and visions can be established.
  • 2. Cost reductions can be achieved.
  • 3. Quality enhancements can be implemented.
  • 4. Productivity can be enhanced.
  • 5. Inventory can be reduced.
  • 6. Improvements in employee quality can be achieved as a result.

Content of consulting

We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet customers' aims and issues including all sorts of data analysis and proposals for improvements as well as hosting seminars, etc.

  • Envisioning logistics restructurings
  • Strategic planning for logistics restructuring
Organizational enhancement
  • Facilities planning
  • Consolidating facilities, selecting the best sites and locations, etc.
  • Systems improvements
  • Software, hardware
  • Logistics control systems
  • Inventory control, outsourcing control, etc.
Site improvements
  • Warehouse improvement
  • Operating processes, deployment of necessary personnel, Layout, automation and mechanization, etc.
Logistics planning
  • Seminars and training of all kinds
  • Competitive coordination of logistics
  • Proposals for green logistics planning
  • Consulting on achieving ISO accreditation

Basic Consultation Process (from logistics examination to launch)

Proper Inventory Level Simulation

We explain the content and effect of our proper inventory level simulation

Distribution System Simulation

We explain the content and effect of our distribution system simulation.

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