Lubricants logistics

A logistics service structured specifically for lubricants, a market sector with a large number of small orders

What is the logistics service for lubricants

  • SENKO assembles shipments by picking items for many orders and transports the cargo to an inventory-free center.
  • The inventory-free center issues forms based on delivery instructions and sorts cargo for delivery to each destination.
  • Vehicles with power gates deliver lubricants to many customers and collect empty drums.

Features of logistics service for lubricants

A nationwide inventory-free distribution center network of about 30 locations


SENKO has about 30 inventory-free distribution centers that serve all areas of Japan. These centers play a major role in lowering the cost of logistics while raising the quality of services. There are also centers equipped for the storage of hazardous materials.

Services for cargo of all shapes and sizes

SENKO offers transportation services for cargo of all shapes and sizes. This includes small items like cardboard cartons and pail-size drums to large items like steel barrels and bulk containers.

Service by lubricant logistics professionals

SENKO drivers undergo training in lubricant logistics so that customers can receive services of the highest quality everywhere in Japan. These experts in the transport and handling of lubricants can assist customers achieve their strategic goals for logistics.


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