Healthcare and Nursing logistics

SENKO handles everything from international logistics
for procurement to sales, to the customer’s order receipt tasks.
We provide more efficient total logistics,
and high-quality medical logistics services

Medical logistics services for the healthcare industry

Healthcare products support human lives.
Medical logistics is a field the SENKO Group is focusing on, as a business playing a key role in community healthcare. We are establishing logistics bases and a delivery system specially for healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and acquiring the licenses and certifications established by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law* in order to meet needs in ever more advanced healthcare settings. We provide logistics services to support the health of everyone in local communities.

*Law on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices


Logistics services for hospitals

Inventory standards and minimum units for placing orders are established for each hospital ward so that all items can be delivered daily in single shipments to each department of the ward. This approach cuts inventory losses and improves the efficiency of receiving supplies. (SPD (Supply Processing Distribution) for medical supplies)
SENKO can also transport hospital linens like bed clothes and sheets from laundry facilities and collect used products.
By handling the oversight of all medical supplies in a hospital, we allow hospitals to focus more of their resources on the provision of healthcare services.


Logistics services for healthcare manufacturers

SENKO transports products from factories to stock points all over Japan. Nationwide inventory data is centrally managed to prevent running out of stock at each stock point, and we also have a 24-hour system to respond immediately in case of emergency shipments.
In our product quality control, we manage use-by dates, sterilization periods, shipment history based on traceability, and other factors.
We provide comprehensive support for distribution in areas like import/export and delivery of healthcare products, and operation of proxy order receipt centers.


Logistics services for the nursing care industry


At SENKO, we offer logistics for nursing care products like beds and wheelchairs based on partnerships with customers in the nursing care business. Working together with customers, we have jointly developed an operations and management system that utilizes IC tag technology. We realize greater efficiency in distribution of a wide range of welfare products, and support stable supply of high-quality products.

Joint delivery services for healthcare products

The SENKO Group has medical delivery centers nationwide, and these are the core of our healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics. We realize high transport quality by providing transport specialized for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. We have also built our own network for joint delivery, and are working to improve the efficiency of logistics by combining products for multiple customers. This joint delivery has earned an excellent reputation for both quality and cost.



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