Apparel logistics

Comprehensive support for customers' logistics strategies,
extending from extensive logistics operations to
integrated global transport for products made in other countries

Success in the fashion industry requires a complex supply chain and timely responses to the emergence of hit products and seasonal shifts in demand. Furthermore, delicate fashion products must be handled with extreme care at all times.
SENKO has experience with a broad spectrum of fashion logistics. Using the resulting exclusive know-how allows us to create logistics solutions that precisely match the needs of each customer.

SENKO's Fashion & Apparel Logistics

The skill to supply each customer with optimized solution services

SENKO has expertise in shortening lead times, building global distribution systems and achieving the “visualization” of supply chain data. By leveraging know-how like this, we can combine logistics operation and IT system skills to create logistics that reflect the strategies of each client company in the fashion and apparel industry.

SENKO Group synergies underpin services that link logistics and processing

From the procurement of materials and production of finished products to store deliveries and sales, the fashion and apparel industry supply chain has many steps. The SENKO Group includes a company that performs deliveries for customers. There is also an alliance with a company that inspects merchandise. With these capabilities, the group can centralize all logistics processes, shorten transportation routes and offer customers many other benefits. This is how we meet customers' demands for quality logistics services at a low cost.

Using information “visualization” to support integrated global apparel production logistics

SENKO has the knowledge needed to supply IT solutions for overseas distribution bases, too.
Customers appreciate the “visualization” of supply chain data for items such as the status of shipments and production activities. Furthermore, we can extend assistance for daily operations from the perspective of manufacturers, trading companies and wholesalers.


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