Suppliers logistics

Diversified distribution channels, globalized marketing
-- with nationwide strategic distribution bases we provide highly detailed support
for the logistics of suppliers undergoing radical change

Led by everything from daily miscellanies to apparel, food and home electrical products, we accommodate a variety of daily living-related merchandise


In dealings with distribution industry customers, Senko has built up logistics expertise related to products handled by a variety of manufacturers and wholesalers.Keying off customers' merchandise characteristics and the needs of sales outlets, we construct and operate logistics systems supporting production and sales.

Placement of multi-function distribution centers aggregating 2 million m2nationwide. Concentration of inventory bases enables provision of cost benefits

Senko has a nationwide network of logistics bases.
With revamp of inventory bases and distribution transport networks, we provide optimum proposals.
Full outsourcing to Senko enables real time ascertaining of all-base inventory conditions, thereby reducing total inventory costs.

Accommodating suppliers' varied daily living-related merchandise,
we provide distribution processing services responsive to the needs of delivery recipients

Based on the characteristics of such customer products as food, pharmaceutical and other storage, consumption period-limited management, home center-related merchandise and other large-size items, we provide logistics services consonant with needs. For seasonal product and other temporary storage, moreover, we invite business.
Further, by highly detailed accommodation to pricing and other distribution processing, periodic bundled delivery and other delivery recipient needs, we support the marketing activity of suppliers

〈Principal distribution processing services〉
・Merchandise pricing, packaging, repacking
・Set incorporation
・Tagging, inspection, pressing, bagging of apparel merchandise


Other than Logistics, Senko Supports your Production and Sales Activity

SENKO posses a call center service (order receipt service).
We stress tour core businesses, not only by distribution centers but also by outsourcing, including order acceptance operations and others


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