Chain stores logistics

Preparation of optimum logistics solutions
for customers in a variety of distribution industry configurations


Based on its track record of logistics for many chain stores, Senko provides optimum logistics solutions.
We accommodate customer needs not only for chain store cost cutting, but also for cost reduction and service level enhancement in the supply chain as a whole.

〈Principal business configurations handled〉
Supermarkets, drugstores, prescription pharmacies, home centers, apparel sporting goods and other specialized chains, mail order sales, voluntary chains and others

Logistics operating systems meeting a variety of needs

We provide optimum logistics systems corresponding to customer needs.


TCⅠ system (delivery agency system)

Collection of bulk cargo from stocking-in suppliers, or merchandise brought in, is concentrated in the distribution center, and classified by category (by outlet, division, display case, others).
Bulk delivery is also made at scheduled times.

TCⅠ system characteristics

  • Merchandise shipment acceptance, reduction of costs of returns
    • ・Planned cargo acceptance operations are enabled by scheduled bulk delivery of merchandise to outlets.
    • ・Merchandise return location unification is enabled and outlet operations are simplified.
  • We provide backyard functions to customer outlets.
    • ・We implement bundled acceptance of inter-outlet merchandise transfers, enabling smooth adjustment of merchandise supply balances
    • ・Accommodation of delivery assignments by outlet; temporary merchandise stocking
  • A distribution system that is easy on the environment
    • ・The number of transport vehicles can be reduced, in consideration of the local environment
    • ・Use of simple packaging (goods delivery boxes) reduces waste and waste disposal time and labor

TCⅡ system (distribution processing system)

This implements by-item inspection, pricing and other distribution processing of total volume merchandise deliveries from stocking-in suppliers.
It also sorts and packages by outlet, division, display case and other piece units, and is interoperable with the TC I system.

TCⅡ system characteristics

  • It can reduce inspection, examination and other shipment acceptance operations at the outlets, enabling close attention to marketing work
  • Deliveries classification by division makes for greater efficiency in merchandise display and arrangement operations

Cross Doc system

Dividing the total quantity of delivered merchandise into shipment portions and inventory portions enables bundled delivery of the shipment portion with zero days in inventory.

Characteristics of Cross Doc DC System

  • Direct delivery of the shipment portion to outlets enables minimization of days in inventory
  • Convenient for direct dealing with makers

DC System (strategic inventory system)

This provides for storage of chain store strategic merchandise and others, and picking corresponding to order placement instructions. Together with this, it provides such varied services as inventory control and customs clearance.

DC System characteristics

  • Furnished with TC Ⅰ System characteristics
  • Enables bundled storage of special sale, seasonal merchandise and other stocked-in merchandise
    ・Enables delivery control consonant with merchandise selling periods
    ・Reduces outlet backyard inventories and enables effective use of outlet space
    ・Defective items can be reduced, implementing stable merchandise supply to outlets

Providing various information in the supply chain, reducing total distribution costs

A variety of systems supports total cost reduction in the supply chain.

  • ・Center systems provided are WMS (warehouse management systems) and VMI (outsourced inventory control systems).
  • ・VMI (outsourced inventory control systems) are provided for stocking-in suppliers.
  • ・Peripheral networks are provided for efficient linkage of retailers, stocking-in suppliers and centers.


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