Want to consider environmental impact

SENKO offers maritime transportation and railway transport services in addition to truck transport, we propose a combination of transportation methods with minimal environmental impact. In addition, we utilize the know-how of fuel savings accumulated over many years through our business to provide education and training services for eco-driving to our customers.

Want to adopt modal shift

SENKO has a track record of shipping and owned vessels and rail transportation. We combine various transportation modes and the network of logistics hubs nationwide to provide modal shift and support customer's reduction of CO2 emissions.

Main services

Modal Shift(Logistics solution service)

Want to realize zero emissions

We will support your efforts towards zero emissions by logistics, such as recycling packaging materials, utilizing returnable packaging materials, and reducing the amount of packaging materials used due to the larger transportation lot.

Main services

for Chemical-related Industries :

Want to make fuel-efficient driving penetrate inside the company

In Crefeel Koto, we provide the know-how of traffic safety developed through SENKO's business activities and the technology of fuel-efficient driving as an education and training menu. We support people and environment friendly (ecology) driving and economic effect (economy).

Main services

Eco Drive (fuel saving driving) training  (Crefeel Koto)