Want to improve logistics service level and quality

We will support your customers' differentiation of logistics from all perspectives, not only to improving the accuracy of inventory management by Handy Terminals, but also from the construction and operation of international logistics systems and logistics management by various numerical values.

Want to shorten lead time

By changing various logistics systems according to needs, we shorten the process from procurement of goods to delivery to end users, we will support customers' distribution strategy.

Main services

Chain stores logistics :

Fashion & Apparel :

  • Global SCEM system(Supporting production and circulation of apparel with 'visualization' of information)

for Housing-related Industries :

Want to make logistics small lot

When reviewing the distribution process, etc., when detailed sorting and delivery are required, SENKO will respond by circulation processing. Pro-staff of proprietary IT system and logistics will consistently support you to sort packing, delivery and billing business of rose items and piece goods.

Main services

for Housing-related Industries :

  • Housing logistics(Distribution by residence to construction site such as residential building materials delivery)

Lubricants logistics :