Want to reduce logistics costs

SENKO will propose ways to reduce logistics costs from various points of view on examining reductions in logistics costs during the distribution process, such as from procurement to production, sale and collection.

Want to reduce transportation costs

Want to optimize the placement of bases

We will analyze the data on the current transportation situation and propose the arrangement of bases to minimize transportation costs.

Want to carry out joint transportation

We propose sharing transportation from procurement to delivery.

Main services

E-commerce shops :

for Housing-related Industries :

for Chemical-related Industries :

Lubricants logistics :

Want to deliver it all at once

Lifestyle-related items, fashion products, etc., SENKO has a wealth of experience in delivering various items to the addressee all at once. Delivery to suppliers is carried out all at once, reduces the number of shipments and reduces the shipping service at the addressee.

Main services

Chain stores logistics :

for Housing-related Industries :

for Healthcare and Nursing Care Industries :

Want to streamline the operation of the distribution center

At SENKO, we can propose efficiency from various angles, including the placement of bases in distribution center, review of delivery route, introduction of IT system. Please leave the operation of the center to our company. Based on high-quality operation by experienced staff of our group, we will provide logistics service according to the quantity and so on.

Want to reduce costs comprehensively / Want to make the distribution cost variable cost

Senko utilizes the comprehensive logistics management capabilities of many years, flexibly combines various transport modes of land, sea and sky with domestic and foreign distribution centers to support optimization of customers' supply chain in general. Cost reduction can be done further by letting Senko consistently handle logistics operations.
In addition to logistics services, we will respond to call centers, trade services, data processing and offering on a one-stop basis.