Safety Initiatives

Education to protect safety

Internal human resource development and education

Internal human resource development and education

"Safety" is the premise of a logistics company and is given priority over anything. The Senko Group has established its own strict behavior and skill norm "SENKO style" and introduced a trainer system that ensures thorough safe driving and safety work. We are promoting human resource development by training of utilizing our own specialized facilities and "district training" to make the acquired skills permeate to the worksite to improve the safety level.

Learning driving skills of SENKO style with specialized facility training


Crefeel Koto (Higashi Omi City, Shiga Prefecture) is a traffic safety training facility of the SENKO Group, which is one of the largest in the country. The safe driving know-how that we have cultivated in our business will be consolidated into the training program, and all drivers in the group will take training. In addition, we regularly repeat training even after completing the aim, and aim to enhance the "Sending delivery quality" of SENKO style throughout the group.

Crefeel Koto can also be used by outside companies and organizations as a training facility.


Main safe driving training program

  • General driver (passenger car) Safety driving training
  • Safety driving training for freight car drivers
  • Emergency automobile driver Safety driving training
  • Passenger car driver Safety driving training
  • Safety management instructor training
  • Eco Drive (fuel saving driving) training

For details, please check Crefeel Koto website.

Crefeel Koto website

SENKO roll-call system

点呼記録 イメージ
点呼記録 イメージ

Appropriate driving instruction to the driver and strengthening health care

To standardize roll-calls at management level, the SENKO Group has developed a unique ‘SENKO roll-call system’ which involves both face-to-face and IT-based roll calls.
Operation of this system enables operation managers to grasp the latest information such as the driver's operation record and health condition, make appropriate operation instructions, and is working to prevent accidents caused by health.