West Japan area


Mizushima Logistics Center

Adjacent to the Mizushima Industrial Zone, it is a shipping base that covers not only the factory proximity warehouse but also the Chugoku / Shikoku area.
We have set up truck shop specifications with high cargo handling efficiency, plenty of handling and handling space, and we are considering environmental conservation by installing photovoltaic power generation equipment that supplies electricity for the facilities in the facility.

Location Niihama Kojima Shionasu Kurashiki-shi Okayama prefecture
Access 4.5 km from Seto Chuo way Kojima IC
Total floor area (square meter) 27,896m²
Steel frame, single-storied house (7 buildings)
Other, facilities etc. Dangerous goods storageOther


Hiroshima PD Center

On both sides of the first floor, a track berth with 32 trucks can be connected.
In addition, we have air conditioning facilities on all floors on the 2nd and 3rd floors, not only for storage, but also for mass sales and retail related business.

Location 3-4-11 Tomonishi Asaminami-ku Hiroshima-shi Hiroshima prefecture
Access Hiroshima Expressway Seifushinto IC nearby
Total floor area (square meter) 26,551m²
Steel frame, High floor type, 3 stories

Higashi Hiroshima PD Center

Located within the Shiwa Distribution Area adjacent to the Sanyo Expressway (Shiwa IC), in addition to a great location in the center of Hiroshima Prefecture that connects Hiroshima, Bingo and Bihoku, the entire Shikoku region through Shimanami Kaido development, It has optimal conditions as a logistics base to cover.

Location Shiwa Ryutsu Hiroshima-shi Hiroshima prefecture
Access Sanyo Expressway Shiwa IC 0.6km
Total floor area (square meter) 5,657m²
Steel frame, 3 stories


Yamaguchi 2nd Distribution Center

Located in the central part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, it is convenient for access to the Sanyo Expressway "Yamaguchi-minami IC" and the Chugoku Expressway "Ogoori IC".
Moreover, it can be used as a delivery base that can cover Chugoku and Kyushu, as well as Yamaguchi Prefecture as well as about 1 km to the main national road No. 2.

Location Suzenjidanchi-north Suzenji Yamaguchi-shi Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access Sanyo Expressway 2 km from Yamaguchi-Minami IC
Total floor area (square meter) 5,881m²
Steel concrete structure 2 stories


Izumo Center(Sankyo Freight Co.,Ltd.)

It is close to National Route 9 and San-in Expressway Shinji IC, and has a good location environment as a logistics base in the San - in District.

Location Nadabun-cho Izumo-shi Shimane prefecture
Access San-in Expressway Shinji IC nearby
Total floor area (square meter) 3,285m²
Steel frame, single-storied house


Takamatsu Distribution Center

In addition to 1,000 m² of frozen space, it is equipped with a chilled storage. It can be used as a frozen / refrigerated product base in the Chugoku / Shikoku area.

Location Asahishinmachi Takamatsu-shi Kagawa prefecture
Total floor area (square meter) 1,556m²
Steel frame, single-storied house
Other, facilities etc. Refrigerated frozen