Voice-activated logistics system

Outline of voice-activated logistics system

This state-of-the-art system enables the operator to give operational instructions vocally, and to receive aural operational results. We provide a cloud-based voice-activated logistics system which simplifies logistics center operations and improves productivity.

Voice-activation frees up the hands and eyes of the operator, increasing picking productivity by 25%. This fusion between our improvement capabilities, accumulated over many years, and cutting-edge voice-activated logistics systems enables us to support you in improving your worksites and creating a new operational style (or operational environment).

How does this improve productivity?

Before and after installation of the new system

Voice-activated logistics system

Operations the voice-activated logistics system is applied to:

  • ・Picking
  • ・Store allocation
  • ・Shelving/stocktaking
  • ・Stacking/restacking
  • ・Ascertaining operation progress clarifying
  • ・Ascertaining productivity clarifying


1. Operated by a headset/voice-activated mobile terminal system

2. Ideally, the only items handled are products

  1. ①Hands-free (except for product handling)
  2. ②Eyes-free (minimal eye movement, audio instructions and eye checks proceed in tandem)

3. ‘Six-don’t based logistics

  1. ①Don’t handle
  2. ②Don’t make people wait
  3. ③Don’t make people walk
  4. ④Don’t make people think
  5. ⑤Don’t make people search
  6. ⑥Don’t make people write

Voice-activated logistics functions


Effects and advantages of voice-activated logistics system

Installation of the system garners the following benefits:

  • ・25% increase in picking productivity
  • ・A clear picture of net productivity
  • ・Quick learning of operations
  • ・Narrower gap between experienced and inexperienced operators
  • ・A system ideally suited to environments facing labor shortages

We have received the following feedback from operators:

  • ・Picking is easier because both hands are free
  • ・Work is easier because items don’t have to be checked on the picking list
  • ・The system saves paper
  • ・A decrease in the number of mistaken pickings
  • ・It was very cumbersome when we reverted to list-based picking in an emergency

Showcasing examples


■Installation track record

  • ・Engine oils and car accessory picking
  • ・Rainwear/casual wear/work supplies picking
  • ・Branch allocation for delivery of ingredients to family restaurant chain
  • ・Construction materials

■Installation plan

  • ・Car and motorbike tire picking
  • ・Lifestyle accessory picking
  • Primarily, a diverse type of businesses, such as those above, use our services.