TMS (Transport Management System)

Outline of TMS

This is a support system which ensuresoptimum deployment of transportation vehicles to provide deliveries which meet the requirements of the customer.
Management is detailed, including delivery route management, loading optimization, departure and arrival management, cargo movement management etc.



  • 1. Integrated management of warehouse systems and delivery orders from the customer, and transportation vehicle deployment decisions
  • 2. Vehicle deployment planning, and real-time cargo status data, including vehicle tracking and management.
  • 3. Delivery costs management

TMS functions

Showcasing examples

  • ・Transportation and delivery management at housing manufacturers
  • ・Transportation and delivery management at resin manufacturers
  • ・Transportation and delivery management at petrochemical manufacturers
  • ・Transportation and delivery management at volume sales businesses (retail, major supermarket, clothing)

  • Primarily, a diverse type of businesses, such as those above, use our services.

Cloud-based transport and delivery management systems

TGC (Transport Generic Cloud)

Outline of TGC

In cooperation with each warehouse cloud system, we decide and support optimum loading and delivery of cargo shipped from warehouse.
Incoming confirmation and delivery intermediate information allows real-time reference / management of the latest information from the driver's smartphone.

  • 1.Enhancement of distribution efficiency Improvement of intra-regional delivery capability, shipbuilding delivery
  • 2.Improve transportation quality Various event management possible
  • 3.Improve management level

From the above, we will realize higher efficiency of automobile business overall

TGC functions
Dispatch function
  • Various dispatch functions such as carta dispatch, map allocation, bar code allocation etc. are prepared
Delivery status management function
  • Driver's smartphone checks for arrival and departure arrival, unloading inspection, delivery route / position management by GPS
Driver calls, reception management
  • System check (alcohol / blood pressure) at the tablet terminal, receipt, loading condition management.
Balance control function
  • It is possible to simulate management fare for billing fare and payment fare
Various master management
  • Invoice by invoice
  • Paperless form
Showcasing examples

It is currently in preparation. We will make it available as soon as it is ready.