Support in drafting strategies for logistics subsidiaries


SENKO can help companies that have any of the following problems.

  • ・Want to know how to position the logistics subsidiary from now on.
  • ・Want to know if the logistics subsidiary has real capabilities as a logistics business.
  • ・Costs at the logistics subsidiary remain high, and this needs to be improved.

The solution is to get help from SENKO in drafting a logistics subsidiary strategy

Very often, excessive demands are made on logistics subsidiaries because they fully understand the products made by the parent company and they operate flexibly.
A logistics subsidiary may want to take on business from other companies in order to streamline. This does make the company more efficient, but it also means that it will be less flexible in its dealings with the parent company.
We take this trade-off into account when we consolidate a new direction for a customer’s logistics subsidiary.


  • ・Learn what the subsidiary’s real capabilities are.
  • ・Future direction of the subsidiary becomes clear.
  • ・Learn what changes the subsidiary needs.

Basic process