Logistics Examination


SENKO can help companies that have any of the following problems.

  • ・Want to know what needs to be improved.
  • ・Want to know what needs improving first.
  • ・Know what the issues are but need to have them quantified.
  • ・Need to have the problems assessed objectively at the level of own logistics network.

The solution is to have your logistics examined by SENKO

A logistics network is a living thing, deeply affected by its surroundings and environment. It can easily become unfit for purpose.
Your logistics network needs a health check, just as people have check-ups to help them keep in shape.
At SENKO, we examine your logistics system, ascertain the tasks it faces, propose reforms and improvements, and formulate implementation scenarios.


  • ・Extensive investigation clarifies issues and tasks.
  • ・Extensive knowledge helps in the formulation of reforms and improvements.
  • ・This enables the customer to implement effective reforms and improvements.

Basic process for logistics examination