Examples of fashion and apparel

Examples of introducing apparel goods
distribution system consistently in Japan and China

Customer's request

  • ・After completing the relocation of production factory in China, cost reduction is the limit
  • ・China's labor cost etc. soaring cost
  • ・Cost increases due to currency fluctuations
  • ・Responding to miniaturization of production lot is necessary
  • ・We need to respond to customer needs diversification

Direction of problem solving

To grasp logistics from production to delivery as a whole

  • ・To lower the total physical distribution cost
  • ・To lower the indirect cost of logistics

How to link logistics and related information

  • ・How to manage the progress of the logistics process
  • ・In order to share logistics information

SENKO's suggestion

Proposal of integrated logistics in Japan and China

  • ・Maintain and manage in China, domestic · maritime transportation · domestic distribution until one company
  • ・Transfer of logistics to China
  • ・Integrated implementation of logistics and distribution processing in China

Proposal as a distribution information company

  • ・Use of SCEM(Supply Chain Event Management System)
  • ・Leverage logistics information to suggestions to the shipper